June 24, 2015


What exactly is Curbside?

The Tuckaway's Curbside Program is our answer to your requests for a faster, more convenient way to shop at the Butchery. Now you can get the high quality meats and food products you love without having to park, stand in line, or fight the crowds!

How does Curbside work?

It's pretty simple. All you have to do is pick the products you want, add the quantity you need to your cart, and pay online with a credit card to complete your order. Allow us an hour to fulfill your order (two hours on weekends/holidays) and give us a call at 603-703-1102 when you pull up alongside the wooden walkway at the Butchery entrance to pickup your order. We'll bring it right out to your car!

Just be prepared to give both the name and phone number used to place the order so we can be sure we are giving the right order to right person!

Is Take-Out for the Tavern offered online for Curbside Pickup?

No, not at this time. The Curbside program is for Butchery products only. 

 Why don't you offer all your products online?

While online shopping technology is great, it does have its limitations. Currently we are unable to offer Meat Packs and items that fluctuate greatly in weight because we are unable to accurately charge for such items or offer all the same options we have in-store online. We will continue to work on this issue and expand as the Curbside Program progresses!

If you would like to order a meat pack for pick up, just call 603-703-1102 to reach a Curbside associate or the Butchery at 603-244-2431 (press #2 for Butchery) to speak with one of our butchery associates who will take your name, meat order, and payment information. We will then prepare your meat pack for pick up!

 When can I expect to pick up my Curbside order?

The Butchery is open from 10 AM to 8 PM daily. We ask that you give us one hour from the time your order is received for us to fulfill your order and have it prepared for pickup. The latest you can order for same day pick up is 6:30 pm and the order must be picked up before the Butchery closes at 8 PM, otherwise 10 AM the following day is the next earliest time you may pickup your order. Please allow us two hours on weekends and holidays due to the higher volumes of orders and customers.

 When I checked this morning, my favorite item was in stock. Now that I check again 3 hours later, it's out-of-stock. What's up with that?!

As you probably know firsthand, it can get really busy here at the Butchery. We aim to check the stocks of items we have in the cases/on the shelves at least every two hours and then update the online inventory accordingly to prevent customers from ordering an item we don't currently have in stock to fulfill. If you ever have questions about the future availability of an item that is out-of-stock, call 603-703-1102 or 603-244-2431 (press #2 for Butchery) to ask one of our associates!